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Aurora Academy

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Welcome to Aurora Academy. This is the entrance to the main building. Inside you will find the front desk, registration office, nurse's office and the principal's office. If you continue on through the big double doors, you will enter the school itself.

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The ground floor of the school holds the library and all of the arts classes. Along with that, the Auditorium for concerts, plays, and meetings, and of course, the cafeteria.

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Just up the stairs we have all of the main courses that students are required to take. Mathematics and sciences are on the Second Floor, Languages, Social Studies, and History are on the Third Floor.

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The roof is completely fenced off and is a popular hangout spot for students during lunch hours, though slackers can be found skipping classes up here as well.

Aurora Academy Grounds

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The dorms share a single building, with the Girls taking residence in the left wing, and the boys taking residence in the right wing. There is a commons area in the middle, and both sides of the dorms are locked off from the other with key card access.

A building a bit away from the school completely enchanted with special magics. This is where students go to learn how to use their abilities without doing much damage to the rest of the school.

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A place where students can go to relax or work out in their spare time. There are locker rooms attached to both the gym and the pool. There is also an arcade with an attached home theater.

Towards the back of the campus lies the athletics department. A small stadium like area with a track surrounding a sports field, with bleachers around it. Just beyond that lies a gymnasium with basketball courts. And on the other side, you'll find some tennis courts as well.

After School Activities

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For students who need to calm their minds a bit after the stresses of school, the relaxation clubs offer a bit of relief.

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Clubs based in the Fine Arts, students are more than welcome to let their talents shine!

The media clubs are for the students who aren't afraid to dig up stories, or go the distance to find the perfect models and stories. Quite often, the three media clubs team up and produce the school's newspaper.

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For the students that wish to involve themselves in some form of physical discipline without joining any of the normal school sports, there is the Martial Dojo.

Silver Falls

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Within the nearby town of Silver Falls, lies all sorts of specialty shops and restaurants that everyone can enjoy on a day off.

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Located in the center of Silver Falls, the historical town square. There's a fountain, and a nearby park, as well as a statue and a small bell tower, both of which have a tendency to get vandalized.

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If you're looking to explore the town, take a walk, or maybe get into some trouble, this would be the place to do it.

All of the residents of Silver Falls have to reside somewhere, and this quiet part of town seems to be the favored spot.


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Of course, every place needs its share of tourist attractions. Many of the students are free to travel to these places in their free time for a bit of fun.

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